Enjoy a walking tour of Houston with Vicki Clakley!

    ~ Downtown Houston ~


    Tunnel Tours

    2 Hours, $35/person [Minimum: 2; Maximum: 6]
    3 Hours, $40/person [Minimum: 2; Maximum: 6]

    The tour begins and ends at City Hall, 901 Bagby. Tunnel system is open weekdays during business hours. Therefore, tours must begin before 3 p.m.

    Downtown buildings are connected by tunnels and skybridges. Once the tunnel system is entered, theoretically, you don’t need to be exposed to the heat and humidity of the city. Sometimes construction blocks the tunnels and requires the tour to return to street level. 

    Theater District — 2 hours

    $35/person [Minimum: 2; Maximum: 6]

    The Houston Theater District is second only to New York City. This walk meanders through the District highlighting performance venues and passes City Hall, Tranquility Park and The Aquarium amusement center.

    Begins and ends at Jones Plaza, Louisiana @ Texas Avenue.

    Houston’s Past and Present — 2 hours

    $35/person [Minimum: 2; Maximum: 6]

    Sam Houston Park, City Hall, and Buffalo Bayou are in the center of our Past. Finance, Oil, Art, and Food are in the center of our Present. Explore the area around the park and hear stories of where we came from, what’s happening now, and where our future lies.

    Begins and ends at the reflecting pool of City Hall, during weekday daylight hours.

    Ghost Tour — 3 hours

    $35/person [Minimum: 4; Maximum: 6]

    Houston has a rich history with a lot of stories. Some stories are so compelling the participants can’t bear to leave. We will visit locations on this tour where sightings of ghosts and stories of spooky activities are said to have occurred. Purely for entertainment—there is no claim that participants will see any paranormal activity.

    This nighttime tour begins and ends at the site of the former Magnolia Brewery & Ice, 717 Franklin St. The tour will meet at dusk.

    The building, which housed Brewery Tap, Red Cat Jazz Cafe, and the Magnolia Ballroom, was badly damaged by Hurricane Harvey and has been sold. Its future is unknown. There are parking lots nearby and street parking is available. This tour stops at two or more bars. It also includes a walk down Main Street where interesting anecdotes about Houston’s history and famous residents are shared.

    All participants must be age 21 or older. If minors wish to go on a ghost tour, special arrangements must be made. Contact me for details.


    Join Vicki on a tour of Houston, TX!

    ~ Customized Tours ~

    If your group has a theme or special interest, a customized tour is what you are seeking. Customized tours focus on a group’s interests: Australian quilters wanted to shop for quilting materials; a group of conventioneers wanted to experience different ethnic food; genealogists wanted to visit local historical cemeteries. Rates vary depending on complexity and group size. Contact me for details.